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Kalpalinna is a well known ski center and bike park in Janakkala, Turenki. Due to central location in southern Finland Kalpalinna can be reached in one hour from Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti by car. Or fast with train, from the Turenki´s railway station to Kalpalinna distance is only 3,6km. The main railroad provides fast connections to Helsinki and Tampere.

Kalpalinna offers ski slopes for all levelled downhill skiers and snowboarders and from Bikepark you can have extreme experiences: Downhill biking for all levels.

Opening times Bike Park Summer 2023:

Winter season 23-24: Ski Slopes

  • Ski Lifts usually opening at November or December 2023.
  • Buy tickets from an online store or from cafe Kalpalinna.

Cafe Kalpalinna and Kalpalinna Rental are open during lifts opening times.

We reserve the right to change opening hours.

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For your information our lift card system is new:
Lifts and piste areas creates a united Skiing Zone and we don’t have a gate in every lift: when arriving to Skiing Zone for instance from parking lot, QR-coded ski /bikepark ticket will be controlled. Continuous control of cards happens by our personnel with QR-readers. This way there is no need to expose your card for every lift run. If person doesn’t have a valid printed card or virtual card in phone in Skiing Zone, penalty payment is three times the value of actual ticket.

Bike Park Routes:

Kalpalinna offers large variety of MTB DH routes for season 2023. We are building and renovating new routes for the next season.

In Kalpalinna Bike Park you’ll find routes for every experience levels:

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Bike coaching prices (50min):

  • one student 50e / person
  • two students 45e /person
  • three students or more students 40e / person.
  • Lift & Zone card 50% discount with bike coaching purchase.

Ski slopes:

Kalpalinna offers large variety of ski slopes for all skill levels and equipment.

  1. Competition Piste (black) 1 x POMA
  2. Hugo Piste (red) POMA
  3. Connection Piste 1 (blue)
  4. Karl Ebb Piste 2 (black) POMA
  5. Karl Ebb Piste 1 (red) randonnee
  6.  Solar Piste (blue) randonnee
  7.  Forest Park | Bike Park
  8.  Super Piste (blue) 2 x POMA
  9. Tourist Piste/Beginner Piste (blue) POMA
  10.  Connection Piste 2 (blue)
  11.  Sledge Piste (blue) POMA
  12.  Street Piste (red) POMA
  13. Jaska Piste (black) randonnee
  14. Ski & Board Cross Run (red) 1 x POMA
  15.  Freestyle Piste (black) 1 x POMA

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Kalpalinna Ski School:

Traditional Kalpalinna Ski School offers instruction in all alpine sports fields: skiing, snowboarding, telemark, slalom race practice and more extreme snow sports.

Our Ski Instructors has either Ruka or SHORY (Finnish Ski Instructor) or ISIA (International Ski Instructor) education.

Ski or snowboard lessons can be asked either from Kalpalinna Cafe ticket sales,
by phone +358 50 322 6122 or by email: info@kalpalinna.fi. Ski lessons will be arranged during our opening hours.

Ski or snowboard private lesson (50min):

  • one student 50e / person
  • two students 45e /person
  • three students or more students 40e / person.
  • Ski Ticket (evening / 3h card or day card) 50% discount with ski school purchase.

Kalpalinna rental:

Kalpalinna Rental offers a wide range of winter sports equipment and bikes for rent.
Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding equipment (excl. helmets, ski goggles/ski sticks).

From Kalpalinna rental you can rent equipment and reserve an equipment maintain.
Contact: info@kalpalinna.fi puh: +35850 322 6122

Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding equipment:

Children under 6 years: 18€
Children 6-11 years and adults over  65 years: 24€
Adults: 28€
Ski Helmet / goggles / ski sticks: 5€
Skis or snowboard  maintain 35€


MTB, eMTB and fatbike rentals

Bike: DH (Saracen) or Enduro (Whyte): 60€/6h
DH equipments: (helmet, back armor, knee pads) 25€
DH helmet: 15€
Bike + helmet + equipment + one day BikePark -card 96€

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Caravan area

Kalpalinna caravan area locates in the sunny eastern side of Kalpalinna mountains, close to all main services. We have service buildings with a sauna and showers and Cafe Kalpalinna nearby.

There are 50 caravan places at the area. For more information on caravan places please contact the caravan site by email: info@kalpalinna.fi or by phone: +358 50 370 1166. Use of the service building are included into the price.

Period: Price: SF- Caravan price: electricity:
Winter Season 1.11.20-30.4.21 500 € 500 € according to consumption (0,45Eur/kWh)
Summer Season 1.5.20-31.10.20 500 € 500 € according to consumption (0,45Eur/kWh)
One Month  150 € 130 € according to consumption (0,45Eur/kWh)
One Week  80 € 70 € according to consumption (0,45Eur/kWh)
One Day 22 € 50 € + 15 €
One day tent 10 € 10 € + 10 €
All prices above includes the VAT.

Kalpalinna Cafe, Restaurant and sauna :

Kalpalinna Restaurant is open during events and as ordered for private events. Restaurant is for 130 persons. You can rent restaurant for your purposes e.g. company meetings, event day, family celebrations or even for a party with a group of your friends.

Kalpalinna Cafe is open during bike/ski lift opening times. Cafe is for 20 persons and terrace is for 20 persons.

Kalpalinna Sauna is for 8 persons and you can rent it.

Please contact us by email: info@kalpalinna.fi or by phone: +358 50 322 6122
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